Grandpa Watts’ Water Ground Mill

Original mills along the Soque River were built as early as the 1820’s. In 1928 Robert Watts and his father Allen “Grandpa” Watts purchased the Hill’s Mill property. Grandpa Watt’s knowledge of building and milling proved to be invaluable in the construction of the Watts’ Mill on our current location. This was all during the Depression when times were very lean for everyone. About the only businesses around, so they say, were moonshining and a little saw milling. Although wood sold slowly, the grists mills seemed to grind on steadily.


The Soque River

In Cherokee days, the Soque River was forged by the Unicoi “Turnpike”, an Indian trail which was later used by the settlers as a fast route west. As we understand it, the trail ran along what is now Highway 17 through Clarksville, and apparently near the Cherokee village of Soque. This was a busy area with Cherokee settlements all around and later with the settlers moving in.


Our Famous Pet Trout

Giant trout inhabit the river bank below the mill where enthusiastic visitors make countless visits with friends and family to see and feed the fish. Different species like Rainbow, Brown and other types of trout gather below the shop balcony waiting for a feeding and admiration from our happy guests.